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What To Look For in the Best Lawn Care App

When it comes to running a landscaping business, it’s not simply about mowing lawns. You have to juggle lots of tasks on a constant basis with a lawn care company. You spend hours worrying about communicating effectively with customers and employees, getting jobs scheduled, invoicing, marketing your business, and much more.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to work smarter or harder, with a variety of lawn care apps available for mobile phones and tablets. By providing tools to help tackle practical tasks and daily operations for your lawn care company, such as scheduling lawn maintenance, the best lawn care apps can save your service team some sweat. Whether it’s payroll or GPS-based crew dispatching, these tools will cut down on the amount of time you’re wasting on these tasks. Lawn care business apps are the most cost-effective option for providers to take advantage of.We at RealGreen believe that our Mobile Live app for lawn care professionals is an essential tool to include in your business. If you’re a lawn care professional looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction, save time, and save money, besides a lawn care website, consider these lawn care app features when searching for your business’s next technological move.

route planning software

Route Optimization Software

Your lawn care company will need more team members and routes as your customer list grows. By getting everyone where they need to be, at the right time, in the most efficient way possible, you will save time, money, fuel, and wear and tear on vehicle parts. 

Lawn care apps with routing optimization software allow you to automate a task that once took hours into a quick, one-click process. In addition to designing the best route in real-time, a route planning program will also provide your techs with detailed lists and directions while allowing you to make changes at a moment’s notice when cancellations, additions, or other unforeseen challenges happen.

It uses GPS technology and mobile tracking to manage efficient scheduling of lawn care jobs, taking into account the weather, traffic, and which routes will save your lawn care specialists the most time and fuel while out in the field.

Administrative Task Management

The lawn care app for your business will be able to handle the majority of administrative tasks with minimal effort on your end. The combination of Mobile Live with RealGreen Payment Processing enables techs to accept, process, and store payments in the field in just a few clicks. You can print or email detailed, easy-to-read invoices while you are on the property. Paying securely and safely is our top priority. 

We offer PCI-compliant payment processing for prepayments, one-time payments, autopay, and installments. With Mobile Live and Service Assistant integrated, everything your techs enter into your system is automatically updated. Now, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming, error-prone data entry at the end of the day. With Mobile Live, you can keep an eye on your inventory, ensuring that you use the right amount of product on every job. The elimination of human error, the reduction of material waste, and a closer look at product usage will save you money using lawn care apps.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a lawn care company is managing billing, accounts receivable, and payment processing; however, it is crucial, especially to keep cash flow going. It’s simply good business to offer paperless billing and multiple payment methods to your clients. You will collect payments faster if you make it easier for them to pay you. 

The best lawn care company app can help organize your invoices, accounts receivables, and payments with a single online payment processing solution, whether you’re managing one-time payments, automatic payments, or installment plans. You’ll eliminate piles of paperwork and bank trips.

the best route planning software

Instant Estimates for Customers

Creating estimates is one area in which you can use technology to your advantage. If your customers ask you for a rough estimate, every minute counts: The faster you can get back to them, the better chance you will have of closing the sale and increasing customer satisfaction. RealGreen’s Measurement Assistant, an interactive digital estimation tool, allows you to generate and send accurate estimates in minutes without ever having to leave your home or office, at any time of day or in any weather.


Tracking Your Vehicles

Mobile Live is an excellent tool for on-the-go workers with real-time route updating, vehicle tracking, and time clock capabilities through GPS technology and mobile tracking. The route can be accessed from the mobile device of each tech at any time. With Mobile Live, each tech is brought directly to their job site, where they can access the client’s profile, see the specific job details, and start the timer with one click.

By eliminating guesswork, Mobile Live will make your entire crew more productive. Rating properties and tracking problem areas, monitoring weather conditions and wind speed, documenting inventory, customizing job notes, and using voice-to-text communication — your technicians will be able to dispatch services with ease and speed. Additionally, they will be able to provide valuable feedback to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.


Increase Potential for Upselling Services

When your techs input condition codes, you’re enhancing your marketing database, increasing upsell potential, and making it more likely you’ll close a sale while still on site.

A host of information such as the products applied, where they were applied, the amount used, the size of the treatment area, the method of application, and the application rate can all be used to create targeted, customer-specific offers. With lawn care apps, incentive offers can also be tailored using the information collected during a property evaluation.


Detailed Information About Fuel Usage

You can tighten your routes and make fewer trips to the pump for your landscaping business if you do not allow unauthorized vehicle routes. Mobile Live lets managers and owners keep track of each vehicle’s fuel cost while on the job. A one-of-a-kind app allows users to keep track of scheduled and unscheduled stops, as well as when the car is used for personal use.


Solutions for Miscommunication Issues

The use of a mobile app for your landscaping business is a good solution if your team has ever experienced miscommunication while out in the field. Having your team on the same system will enable you to connect immediately with them as well as give them access to crucial information — such as customer data, schedules, routes, and communication tools — that will allow your company to run smoothly all day, every day.


Geocode Features

Another great possible feature of lawn care apps is geocoding, making it easy for you to determine whether you’re at the wrong address. Need to track down an emergency vehicle? Mobile Live can show you the exact location of each vehicle actively out on the road. It’s real-time information you can access instantaneously.


Ability to Market Your Services

When it comes to your landscaping business, your best salespeople are the techs in the field. They can upsell immediately during a service call by using Mobile Live. They can use the app to get instant estimates and apply discounts for new services or programs based on price charts. In the field, they will have Service Assistant’s strengths and features at their disposal.

Mobile Live updates the customer record in Service Assistant when they complete the upsell so that the tech can print the invoice right away. Increase customer satisfaction, and give your techs the ability to sell and grow your business.

By using upsell coupons in conjunction with condition codes, you can enhance your marketing database and close a sale while still on the site.

A customer-specific offer can be developed based on the information collected about the products applied, the amount used, the size of the treated area, the method of application, the application rate, and the specific conditions targeted. It is also possible to create an incentive offer and direct mail based on information collected during an evaluation of a potential customer’s property.

For your business to succeed, you need to invest time and skills into effective marketing. It won’t take you hours to develop strategies and create content if you have the right technology. You’ll be able to send out effective email blasts and customized, targeted customer communications using automated marketing systems.


Easily Add New Customers

Mobile Live enables your landscaping business technicians to add potential new customers to your database on the spot, offer them an on-the-spot estimate to print or email, and even offer same-day service and invoicing. Technical support personnel can use Mobile Live to perform customer searches, add new customers, conditions, and services, receive call-ahead and call-back notifications, and even generate estimates based on established price charts. Discounts can be applied, images can be added to accounts, documents can be linked, goals and production schedules can be checked, notes can be reviewed and reports can be generated.


Offer Better Customer Service

Excellent customer service is essential for any growing business, as you probably already know. If your customers are unhappy or frustrated with outdated marketing and payment options, it doesn’t matter how smoothly your back-office operations run. Chances are you’re losing customers if your customer-facing technology isn’t current.


Ability To Reschedule Jobs

You may become too busy, or an emergency may arise that makes it impossible to complete the tasks you had initially planned to do that day — that’s life. Rescheduling should be quick and straightforward. To notify your client of the new time, simply reschedule your job within the app.


Final Rundown of Features To Look For in Lawn Care Apps

Whether you’ve had your lawn care business for years or are starting out fresh, it’s essential to streamline your business as best as you can to succeed. As a checklist, here’s an overall look at the top characteristics of the lawn care apps that you should look for:

  • Options for geo-coding and voice turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Voice-activated text exchange entry
  • Make immediate changes to production schedules
  • Truck routes are being updated and optimized in real-time
  • Collect payments from your lawn care customers with automated invoicing
  • Having the ability to store photographs of property conditions
  • View and assign work orders in real-time
  • Upsell and market services
  • Live truck tracking and dispatching
  • Ability to offer instant estimates
  • Access to call logs and in-field times for technicians
  • Ability to access and collect information from customers
  • Ability to email or print receipts and invoices


Learn How You Can Upgrade Your Business With RealGreen’s Mobile Live App

When you’re running a busy lawn care business, having the information you need at your fingertips is essential, wherever you happen to be. Managing multiple teams means constant communication, and RealGreen’s Mobile Live lawn care business app makes it easy. Our company offers all-inclusive solutions to manage your business operations, build and promote your brand, acquire new lawn care customers, and develop ongoing relationships to build loyalty for your company. Whether your business is lawn care, landscaping, pest control, or arbor care, our solutions will help it thrive.

More than 30 years and thousands of customers later, we are still a family-owned business. We started RealGreen to provide customers with the products they need to grow and manage their businesses. We believe that success comes through the pursuit of excellence in employee and customer relations. We strive to exceed expectations by providing exceptional products that are innovative and affordable. Contact us on our website or call us today at 888-345-2154 for more information.

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