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For much of the country, lawn and landscaping seasons slow down in the wintertime. Use this valuable downtime to enhance your marketing database with accurate measurements and pricing for spring neighborhood marketing campaigns. Measurement Assistant uses high-resolution aerial photography of neighborhoods and commercial properties, allowing you to save property photos to use in your marketing campaigns while you measure. Append them to the data records within Service Assistant® for future use in estimates, emails, prepay letters, postcards, door hangers, and even phone quotes.

measurement mappingNow is also an excellent time to create service inventories. Trace a section of the property to add or subtract any part of the parcel on the photos to create an inventory of services provided for that property. If you have a snow plowing business, creating records of driveway sizes would be especially useful when estimating service.

With your newly captured measurements, high-resolution photos, and collected inventories saved within the Service Assistant’s document manager, you can market services all year and provide accurate estimates in seconds.

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Mike Carden

Mike Carden

Mike Carden has been with RealGreen since 2010 and has served in a variety of roles. Mike has helped companies across all verticals in the Green Industry, with footprints varying from owner-operator to national franchise brands, utilize RealGreen products to manage and grow their businesses. Since 2020, Mike has been the Product Manager for Service Assistant, working to cement the vision and direction for Service Assistant.