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How to Market a Lawn Care Business

So you’re starting your own lawn care business. You have the trucks, the equipment, and the staff. Now, you need the most important part: the customers. It’s time to start marketing your new lawn care business. It’s not as complicated or as difficult as you might think, especially when you have the right tools in place to take care of time-consuming marketing and business tasks for you.

Automated Marketing

One of the fastest ways to get more lawn care customers is to take advantage of automated marketing programs that make it easy for you to reach out to leads while you’re busy with the day-to-day work of your business. A tool like Automated Marketing Assistant (AMA) takes on the burden of communicating with customers, so you don’t have to worry about it. AMA integrates with RealGreen’s Service Assistant CRM software, creating personalized, autogenerated letters and emails for your customers. With more than 50 set-it-and-forget-it communications, including before- and after-service notifications, upsell and cross-sell letters, “estimate not sold” reminders, condition notifications, and more, AMA sends your customers and potential customers the messages they’re looking for. It’s an easy, effective way to reach your lawn care customers.

How Do I Promote My Lawn Care Business?

There are many different ways to promote your lawn care business, from direct mail to customer referrals to general branding. Everything should work together to present a unified brand image and message so that your company is top-of-mind when customers are ready to sign up with a lawn care business.

Direct Mail:

Digital advertising is definitely important, but old-fashioned direct mail still works. Especially when it’s customized and targeted to only your most likely customers. A good direct mail campaign is an excellent and extremely cost-effective way to put your brand front-and- center into the areas you want to service, reach the neighbors of your existing customers, and even get your existing customers to sign up for new services or auto-pay agreements.

Boost Your Digital Presence:

With that said, it’s absolutely crucial that your lawn care business has a robust online presence, including a search-engine-optimized, user-friendly website, digital ads, and social media. Potential customers will start by searching the web, and if they don’t find you there, you’ll be out of luck. Your lawn care business should have a solid website where customers can find out about your company and the services you offer (bonus if they can also log into their account to pay their bills and manage their service), be SEO-friendly so that you show up in the searches that matter, and be advertising online where your likely customers will see you. The best digital marketing will help you reach the right leads, in the right places, with the right message.

How to Market a Lawn Care Business

Take Pride in Your Brand – Be Professional:

A strong, cohesive brand image makes your company look good…and makes you more memorable. Your promotional materials, lawn posting signs, business forms, and even team apparel and truck decals should all showcase your singular, professional brand. This will help build community awareness and promote top-of-mind thinking in potential customers.

Ask for Referrals:

Happy customers are some of your company’s most effective promoters. When leads come in after being referred by family, friends, or neighbors, they’re much easier to convert. The referral does a lot of the heavy promotional lifting. When you make it easy for your existing customers to refer you, they’re more likely to do it. And you’re more likely to see the leads pouring in.

Ask for Reviews:

A good online reputation is key. Potential customers will search for you online, and they’ll read the reviews for your business on social media, Google, Yelp, and local directory pages. Take every opportunity to ask your current, happy customers to leave reviews for you online.

When Should You Start Advertising Your Lawn Care Business?

The short answer: Now. The sooner you start promoting your lawn care business, the sooner you’ll start seeing and converting more leads. Working with lawn care marketing professionals like the team at RealGreen will help you stand above the competition. They can help you with personalized, professional, common-sense campaigns designed for your unique business, and the software solutions you need to keep everything going. Schedule a free, no-obligation demo today to find out how RealGreen can help your lawn care business thrive!

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Chris Brasher

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