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5 Lawn Care Facebook Post Ideas That Drive Sales

In the old days, people went to the Yellow Pages to find the services they were looking for. Today, everyone jumps online and does a search for what they need. Many people are also likely to get their connections through a Facebook page, whether that’s a group page, a neighborhood listing, or an ad on their feed.

Over the last few years, businesses of all kinds have gotten serious about thinking of Facebook as the next “Yellow Pages” and making sure they show up there. Did you know that a study from Small Biz Trends showed that 80% of small business owners use Facebook for marketing?

With that in mind, those who want to get more lawn care customers are smart to jump on board the Facebook train.

There’s lots of potential here, so let’s dig in.

The Power of Social Media in Lawn Care Marketing

Social media has emerged as a crucial platform for lawn care businesses aiming to expand their reach and connect with potential clients. It offers an unparalleled avenue for showcasing the quality and results of lawn care services through vivid imagery and engaging stories. This visual and interactive medium allows companies to build a compelling narrative around their brand, highlighting their expertise, success stories, and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, social media enables lawn care providers to engage directly with their audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. By regularly sharing tips, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks into the services they offer, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders. This level of engagement not only boosts visibility but also significantly enhances trust among prospective customers, making social media an indispensable tool in the modern marketing arsenal of lawn care services.

Leveraging Facebook for Business Growth

Facebook provides an essential platform for lawn care businesses seeking to grow their customer base and enhance their market presence. Through its diverse tools and features, from Pages to targeted ads, businesses can reach a broad audience with precision, tailoring messages to specific demographics, locations, and interests. This targeted approach ensures that marketing efforts are efficient, reaching those most likely to engage with and require lawn care services. By creating a mix of promotional content, educational posts, and interactive engagement, companies can foster a dynamic online community, turning followers into customers.

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1. Setting Goals and Tracking

One of the fundamental commandments of using Facebook or any other social media or online platform is to get a consistent trickle of content (and resulting engagement) going.

That means you’re going to be continually setting up new posts and new pieces of content that people can read and engage with. You’re not going to do an ad blitz and then wait a year—that’s just not how it works.

Experts suggest creating an editorial calendar with posts for a week, a month, and a year—and then building around that core goal. Having an organized schedule and delegation plan ensures that your business has a stream of advertising content to rely on over a longer time frame.

At the same time, lawn care companies could be tracking page views and other metrics on their site, and on their Facebook business page to see what “sticks.” This helps you develop a road map for lawn care Facebook post ideas for your business.

2. Engagement and “Show and Tell” Lawn Care Facebook Post Ideas

Another very important category of lawn care social media tips has to do with what you put online, including Facebook posts.

It’s important for a service business to have content that people want to see. One example is posting how-to videos on social media accounts that show your business in action, which can help people see how your business works. For example, you may have instructional videos in which your people are filling beds, nurturing new plants, pruning, or doing other vital work that involves acumen and attention to detail. Several free resources can provide you with some ideas.

There’s also the popular marketing principle of gamification (and you can use that in the lawn care industry), which means that you’re creating an experience for your viewers. You can create contests or quizzes that encourage people to interact with your business, linked to Facebook pages. With the functionality of modern web forms, the sky’s the limit, and this is one place where your creativity can shine. Online reviews are good too.

There’s also the general principle of “show and tell” social media marketing, where you’re building relatable content that people can spend time on.

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3. The Relatable Business

Another big principle relates to the people who are in charge of your business (and Facebook page) and the people who are doing the work. You may see “our team” bios and other such resources on business sites, and you might see that content extended to Facebook posts. That’s often done so that your prospective customers, the people on your Facebook feed, for example, can see more about who they would be working with if they called you or engaged through a web form or other format.

Another similar type of marketing is related to the people who founded the business or who are ultimately in charge. This type of marketing primarily relates to businesses where one individual is very hands-on with customers and central to the business, such as a doctor or chiropractor. But it can work for a lawn care business too. You could call this type of advertising “hello, let me get to know you” advertising. In it, the leader of the business writes directly from their perspective and shows people how they are relatable by listing hobbies or talking about themselves and their families. It’s also an opportunity to talk about why someone founded a business and the values that they hold as a business leader.

This aspect of lawn care social media marketing goes back to the older idea that you should be able to match names and faces to really do business in a local community. Even in the digital age, that’s still true—when people know who they’re working with, they feel more confident moving forward.

4. Think Seasonal

As an additional side tip, think about linking pieces of content to Facebook posts that represent the changing seasons. For lawn care businesses, spring is a big one, with all of the services that get done in that season. But even in the off-season, in winter, you can have a series of seasonal blogs talking about how to prepare for the freezing cold months.

5. Integrating Social Media Channels

When you’re generating lawn care Facebook post ideas, it’s important that you’re not setting up online places where interactions go to die. In other words, there has to be integration toward conversion. When somebody engages with your business, ultimately, you have to have a person talking to a person, not just somebody using Facebook. This is where businesses get creative with shopping carts and other types of specific setups. These “funnel creations” are meant to shepherd interactions through to a conversion result, where your team takes over the interactive process with customers. That’s some of what business leaders should know as they try to put together a Facebook footprint for their business.

What else? A little graphic design doesn’t hurt, and some seasonal advertising can be a good addition too. Be sure to integrate all of your discounts, coupons, and sales into your social media platforms, because they can be enticing ways for people to decide to use your services.

Overall, it’s important to have fun with the process. If your marketing ends up being a real drag, there’s a chance you’re not doing it right. Build a collaborative process that works for everyone, and you will be able to enjoy the digital success that drives your business on the ground.

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How do I advertise my lawn care business on Facebook?

Using the above strategies and tips, business leaders can effectively promote their businesses on the Facebook platform. There’s often an emphasis on interactive and relatable marketing and organic content.

How do I write a lawn care ad?

When it comes to writing content, there are many ways to approach this process. However, one good recommendation is to keep it relatively short and simple—unless you’re creating long-form content like a guide. When you do create long-form content, link your content to a Facebook page or post to get the engagement that you need for brand visibility.

How do I promote my lawn care business?

You can promote your business through effective marketing and branding. You can promote it with sales and special offers or with particular value propositions around better care and customer service. You can also promote your lawn care business by using social media channels like Facebook, the king of social media platforms.

What’s the usual word count for a Facebook-linked blog post?

The industry standard for blog posts is 300 to 500 words. Long-form pieces of content are often significantly longer than that.

Blog posts can be tied to a Facebook page with a short Facebook post summary and a link to the blog.

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Kaitlyn McCully

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