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“We were going to have multiple full-timers for the following season. Then we switched to RealGreen, and we only needed one person full-time for the next four years, because it made everything so much simpler, faster and easier.”

Brett Roberts (Modern Tree & Lawncare)

When you think of your business software, what comes to mind?

Is it a tool? Something you use when you need it, then shut down and put away until next time?

Is it a hassle? Something you constantly struggle against and sometimes ignore because it makes things harder for you?

Is it an expense? Something you know you need to pay for, but don’t love spending time or money on?

Or is it a partner? Something that works with AND for you, shares your vision, supports your values and elevates your potential?

Yes, RealGreen is still software. But in a sea of software “tools” that don’t really understand your industry or your needs, RealGreen stands alone. Because we are completely focused on what matters most: your business and helping you grow it.

We Speak the Same Language

real green 1980Our roots go back to 1984, when our founders ran a lawn care company. They created RealGreen to solve the real problems faced by business owners like you – with a deep, hands-on understanding of the business. Those foundational values have never changed, and neither has our focus. “With RealGreen – the people there, they’ve worked in our industry. They know what we’re dealing with, and therefore, they speak the same language,” says Chip Soltesz of Dyna-Green. “We got the software and it has been priceless ever since. RealGreen really, really improved our business.”

Truly Lawn’s Derek Kenney echoes that point, saying that with RealGreen, “There’s an understanding of the problems we’re going to face. I think that’s why there are so many avenues and things that you can do on the software – because they know from their own experience, right? You can’t really put a dollar sign on that, in my opinion.”

We’re Software That Shows Up to Work

Side view woman's using laptop computer at home office with cropped shot. Blank screen laptop for product display.“I want techs. I want equipment. I want to add trucks. I don’t want 10 people in my office,” notes Amazing Grass’ John Fowler. “We grew our business substantially by utilizing all of the tools RealGreen has to offer.” Fowler adds that the software has been essential in helping RealGreen scale without having to add additional staff, thanks to its suite of integrated features and automated business functions.

For green industry companies trying to scale – or even just keep up with demand – in a historically tight labor market, streamlining wherever possible has become essential. And being able to do more work without hiring more staff is crucial, not just from a cost savings standpoint but from a logistical standpoint as well. 

Brett Roberts of Modern Tree & Lawncare says that when they made the decision to switch to RealGreen from what he says was a “pretty outdated software,” his company had one full-time office person and another part-time staffer who worked 24 hours a week. “We were going to have multiple full-timers for the following season. Then we switched to RealGreen, and we only needed one person full-time for the next four years, because it made everything so much simpler, faster and easier.” Since that time, their company has quadrupled in size, but they’ve only needed to hire one additional full-time employee. “It’s because RealGreen has made our team a lot more efficient.”

We’ll Help You Grow — Fast

real green software on a tabletWhether you’ve been in the biz for decades or you’re just starting out, RealGreen is here to help you grow. Jonathan Smith, who started his company Local Turf Pros in 2022, says that “I started with nothing and I’m at $80,000 in four months.” He recognizes that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what RealGreen can do for him: “I haven’t even used it to its full potential yet.”

Fowler says that RealGreen has helped Amazing Grass grow at a rapid clip. “The smallest growth percentage we’ve achieved has been 20% over the last six or seven years; around 2020 was almost 60%. Last year was around 40%. So we’re growing pretty quickly.”

Who Would You Rather Partner With?

“From the beginning, RealGreen understood lawn care and created a software that solves the problems and addresses the needs of those of us who run lawn care businesses,” said David Koone from Lawn Doctor.

For nearly 40 years, RealGreen has been partnering with businesses like yours, helping them thrive with software solutions that make sense for your needs. Ready to find out how partnering with us can help you grow? Schedule a free demo today!

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Chris Brasher

Chris Brasher

Chris joins us as the VP of Marketing, overseeing each individual brands’ strategy, engagement, and growth. With over 15 years of technology, marketing, and advertising experience, he marries the best performance-driven initiatives with the greatest marketing team here at WorkWave. His claim to fame was holding a Guinness World Record for an entire week.