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We’re back with another tip and trick for Service Assistant® 5. Your customers are the reason you’re in business, so it’s important you have the correct information inserted into the SA5 system. Use the customer details, the customer screen history, and a quick search for customers.

customer detailsThe customer details screen uses the full screen to provide you with all things about your customer. Check balance details, property details, property items and edit customer details right from the details screen. A pull-down menu under the account number allows for location edits, drag and drop pin for the precise customer location and satellite imagery is also available if necessary. The customer details also list the balances the customer may owe and their credit limit. Also find directions to your customer, invoices and the services that were or will be provided.

At the top of the screen where you see customer details, the second tab is history, click on that and it brings up the customer screen history. This pulls the complete history of your customers, from there you’re able to add an additional service. See balances all unpaid and open. You can view history in the form of a table or a graph. From the table you’ll be able to view codes, net amounts, net balances, prepay balances, remit balances and unpaid/open amounts.  This screen will also give the net promoter score and reallocate the system for any changes that may have occurred. Even when you move tabs the customer details drop down menu will always remain on the screen for easy access.

customer searchPerform a quick search for customers in the quick search box at the top of your SA5 screen only while in the customer screen history. This will pull up any customer you need to view the history of, instead of scrolling through the long list. Once you find who you are looking for, you’ll see the customer status, their account number, name, address, phone number, size, balance, company branch, subdivision and master account. Not sure of a name? Use the quick search with just and account number and get instant results on that customer. The search bar also has three tabs for you to perform quick searches. Search by Customer, Payments or Reference number.

Join us next month as we discuss Payment Entry featuring search options with integrated journal claim, allocation details and adjustment entry and create auto-pay profile during payment entry.

Joe Olson

Joe Olson

Since joining RealGreen by WorkWave in 2007, Joseph Olson has developed his extensive knowledge of field service software in his various roles. Beginning his journey in the Customer Success/Technical Support department, Joe was first a Software Support Specialist supporting the Lawn Assistant III, Pocket LA, and Customer Assistant Website software products. In May of 2021, Joe joined the Service Assistant 5 Product Team where he utilizes his 15 years of experience with the software and knowledge of how customers use the products to help guide the future of Service Assistant and ensure the continued success of all our users.