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We’re very excited to be rolling out RealGreen Academy (RGA), our new online training hub! RGA is where you’ll find on-demand video training and instruction for RealGreen solutions. It’s designed to make it easy for you and your employees to learn the ins and outs of RealGreen software and how to use it, whenever it’s convenient for you. The content is broken down into different learning tracks based on your role and how you interact with our software.

How do I Log On?

If you attended our 2021 Solutions Users Conference, you should receive an email with your login credentials and access to RGA. Once you receive your email, you and the members on your team who attended Solutions can easily find content that was shared during the conference.

If you have not received your access link by Monday, March 1, 2021, please submit a request form. Enter your information, then select Product: RGS Academy and the type of support you need. Please add any additional details in the comment section. Keep in mind that full content access will only be provided to those who registered and paid for the 2021 Solutions Users conference.

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What if I didn’t attend Solutions?

You can still request free partial access to RGA by following the same steps – submit a request form. Enter your information, then select Product: RGS Academy and the type of support you need. You will not gain access to Solutions content, but you will be able to see the content we are building out along with any new videos and courses we add.

What’s Next for RGA?

This is just the beginning for RGA. In the coming months, we’ll be adding more interactive training and concise video tutorials for even better learning opportunities, as well as advanced training modules and certification tracks. Stay tuned for much more!

Colleen Knipple
Colleen Knipple

Colleen started with RealGreen in April of 2021. With 20+ years in the Customer Service Industry, she brings extensive knowledge in managing support teams from various industries. By overseeing the technical support teams for the RealGreen product suite, Colleen has had the opportunity to work directly with customers to ensure their success in utilizing RealGreen products. Her role involves not only leading the support teams but also implementing strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline support processes.