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Top 5 Reasons Prestige Lawn Care Switched to RealGreen

Prestige Lawn Care has been helping the residents of Long Island perfect their yards since 1979, but this family-owned business just switched to RealGreen from another business software in 2021. Why would such a well-established company start fresh with new software? Prestige Vice President Dan Behensky shared with us the top five reasons that RealGreen was the right choice for their business:

1. There’s nothing else like RealGreen. “We tried different software in the past and it just doesn’t compare. This is an all-encompassing software that you can integrate a lot of different solutions into. There’s really nothing else out there that’s going to do what RealGreen does for you,” Behensky says.

2. RealGreen saves time and effort. Business owners know that time is money – and saving time saves money. After switching to RealGreen, Behensky notes that “RealGreen made life a lot simpler with the ability to grow more and be more organized. It maximizes your time, so you don’t have to spend time inputting all the work that was completed the day before. I can log on quickly and find out what treatments were done on a specific customer really clearly and concisely.”

3. RealGreen helps keep everyone on track. “The biggest thing RealGreen brought to us was accountability. We can see where our team members are during the day – what times at which jobs,” says Behensky, adding that “the Call Log is great for communication between the office and the field. You can take pictures of jobs and you know exactly what’s going on out there. There are so many good things.” But he’s the biggest fan of Routing Assistant: “It’s probably my favorite piece,” particularly for the ease of creating efficient routes in just a few clicks. “It has all your jobs in one area and puts our whole team on the most efficient routes. You really see what you have ahead of you.”

4. RealGreen’s service is unmatched in the industry. Switching business software is a major decision when your business is used to running a certain way, and Behensky says Prestige didn’t take the decision to move over to RealGreen lightly. But he also says it was immediately clear they made the right choice. “The service has been unbelievable. We onboarded last February and March. April is when we started our actual work. [RealGreen’s] response time was great,” he says, noting that it was essential to get up and running in time for the busy spring season. “Any problems we were having you guys helped us pretty much on the same day. And it made it so much easier. It was a big thing to move over because we have a decent sized business, but it has been worth every minute we spent on it. It has made life considerably easier.”

5. The results are undeniable. RealGreen means Real Growth. “This year we grew 150 customers, and our revenue has probably grown by 20%,” says Behensky. “It’s been a good year for sure. And we wouldn’t have been able to manage it without RealGreen.”

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Kelly Mozena

Kelly Mozena

Senior Content Strategist Kelly Mozena has spent more than two decades helping companies connect to consumers, including some of the largest and best-known brands in the United States. She draws from a diverse portfolio of industry experience to help WorkWave’s clients achieve their real-world business goals.