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Communicating with your customers and prospects is an essential part of doing business, but it’s also a time-consuming one. And let’s be honest: not everyone loves writing emails, letters, and sales pitches. Automated Marketing Assistant takes over this burden for you, making it easy to send out the communications you need with friendly, informative auto-generated emails and letters. Plus, with more than 50 different types of communications targeting five major sales milestones, there’s an AMA program that works for everyone.

There are a lot of reasons why RealGreen customers who use AMA love it so much. It could be that AMA helps them manage 8% more customers, or that it improves upsell and cross-sell rates by 4%. Or it could be that AMA just makes their jobs easier and helps streamline their operations overall. Here are the top five reasons RealGreen customers love AMA:

1. It Does The Hard Work For You

With AMA, you decide which messages to send, when, and to whom — and then the program handles it from there so you don’t have to. It’s an almost effortless way to go after low-hanging fruit without having to spend hours creating lists, crafting messages, and sending them out. According to Brad Woods, President of American Turf & Tree Care, “With AMA, the marketing from that is amazing. You just set it and forget it. Then you start getting cancels back, new sales, that type of thing.”

    2.  Using AMA Is Proven To Help Grow Revenue

    In fact, RealGreen customers who use AMA report DOUBLE the revenue growth of customers who don’t. Chip Soltesz, President of Dyna-Green, explains how his company has used AMA to encourage upsells — and how successful it has been. “As far as emails — do your grub or aeration upsell on an AMA blast. For a few hundred dollars [we sent a blast] for people who weren’t signed up for grub treatments. Within one week, we sold $20,000 more in grub, and the phone barely rang. It just showed up. We sold $45,000 in aerations in a weekend. And that’s just off one email blast.”

    3.  AMA Helps You Save Time And Paper

    When you’re not having to write out, print and deliver communications yourself, you’re saving valuable resources. “As far as AMA, when you get done with a lawn, basically you can email it right there from the screen,” says Cody Saunders, Owner of Pro-Lawn. “You’re not even printing or walking up to the door. You just hit the button and the invoice is emailed right to the customer.”

    4.  It Boosts Your Cash Flow…Without A Lot Of Hard Work

    Automatic invoices and payment reminder messages encourage your customers to pay on time — which is good for your bottom line. Lee Hill says his customers even appreciate the reminders. “They’re saying, ‘This is great, this is so easy to use, it’s so easy to pay.’ And it’s also cut down on our accounts receivable — they just put in their credit card for auto pay, and that’s kind of a no-brainer for them.”

    5. AMA Helps You Provide A Better Customer Experience — And Paves The Way For More Sales

    “The after-service email for estimates — those have been hugely efficient. A lot of times, you can’t talk to somebody on the phone, they’re busy. So AMA sends them an email, and they sign up from that,” explains Hill. This has been a boon for his company’s sales: “It reduces the amount of labor that’s required to make a new sale.”

      Start using AMA today and you’re certain to love what it can do for your business, too. Schedule a free demo to find out how RealGreen and AMA can help you grow your own success story.

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      Mike Carden

      Mike Carden

      Mike Carden has been with RealGreen since 2010 and has served in a variety of roles. Mike has helped companies across all verticals in the Green Industry, with footprints varying from owner-operator to national franchise brands, utilize RealGreen products to manage and grow their businesses. Since 2020, Mike has been the Product Manager for Service Assistant, working to cement the vision and direction for Service Assistant.