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Sell In Seconds. How? With One Step Sales.

Sell In Seconds. How? With One Step Sales.

Building up a database of potential customers is essential to growing your business. But prospecting and selling takes time — time that you need to spend on your existing customers.

That’s where One Step Sales comes in.

Through RealGreen’s Measurement Assistant, you can add customer information, get accurate measurements, and provide cost-efficient estimates — at any time, in any weather, from any place, without even having to visit the property. Accurately measure the properties for entire neighborhoods you service to enrich your data and increase your measurement and marketing ROI in seconds. Then use that information to sell to customers over the phone, by email, or via direct mail.

It’s this easy:

Start by searching for an existing customer or adding a new customer in Service Assistant 5. Once you have the customer record pulled up or created and saved, go to Measurement Assistant – you’ll see the property outline.

property outline

Next, you can add or subtract square footage with a few clicks of your mouse, creating an accurate representation of the area to be serviced.

property outline 2

Once you’ve saved that image, you can pull up your suggested service pricing options, which you can immediately share with the customer. Ideally, you will close the sale right then over the phone!

If the potential customer doesn’t sign up right away, you can still use the proposal you created with Measurement Assistant to try to seal the deal next year with a follow-up estimate email or direct mail piece featuring that same property photo. When they see their property on the letter, they’ll be far more likely to open it to find out what you have to say.

super green

Ready to start selling like a boss? Contact us today to find out how One Step Sales and Measurement Assistant can help you grow your business with just a few clicks of the mouse!

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