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Why RealGreen Customers Love Mobile Live

When you’re running a busy lawn care business, it’s essential to have the information you need at your fingertips, wherever you happen to be. Looking for a specific technician? Need to schedule same-day service? Have to adjust a couple of routes on the fly? Or have a customer who wants an estimate right now? Managing multiple teams means constant communication, and RealGreen’s Mobile Live app makes it easy. That’s why it continues to be a favorite solution for our customers. Why do they love it so much? Let them tell you themselves:

Empowerment and Innovation – Wins for the entire team

Mobile Live gives your entire crew “anytime” access to all the information they need – while still giving you the ability to choose who can see what. Because Mobile Live eliminates guesswork, it will make your entire crew more productive with route navigation and geocoded locations, plus the ability to rate properties and track problem areas, monitor weather conditions, document inventory, use voice-to-text to communicate and more. And it’s available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

“Mobile Live is our favorite,” says Jonathan Rigsbee, founder of GrowinGreen. “It allows the guys to manage their day in the field, being able to route the day, load their stuff on the handhelds,” he continues, adding that being able to access the app on iPhones was also something he appreciated. “Our favorite thing was being able to go away from tablets – we went from having two devices [for each tech] to one. The continuous innovation and improvement has been great.”

Streamlining and Prioritizing – Working smarter across the board

Wayne Brockman, co-owner of Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, also noted how Mobile Live has enabled his staff to streamline operations and save time, saying “We use Mobile Live for our crews. So whether it’s a crew doing production or sales – everything goes through Mobile Live. It saves us a ton of time in the office.” Thanks to Mobile Live, both in-field and in-office staff are able to reduce labor hours and concentrate on the work that actually matters, Brockman continues. “We don’t have to have extra people doing that stuff. They can focus on what we really need, instead of just data entry.”

Mobile Live’s routing and tracking capabilities are also key, according to Brockman, noting that he especially appreciates being able to get a birds-eye view of the entire fleet at any time, from anywhere, just by checking his phone. “RealGreen has helped us a ton with truck tracking. We can open up Mobile Live on our phones, see where all the trucks are, who’s doing what, what the production is for the day.”

Efficiency and Effectiveness – Less waste means more profits

Not only does Mobile Live make day-to-day jobs easier to track and manage, it gives your techs the ability to quickly and effectively upsell on the spot. They can pull up price charts, provide instant estimates and apply any available discounts. With the strength and features of Service Assistant 5 in their hands, they can help your business grow by providing excellent customer service, every time.

According to Lee Hill, business partner and Vice President at Evergreen Lawn Care in Texas, RealGreen customers since 2016, that kind of efficiency is essential  – and Mobile Live brings it. “It absolutely makes us more efficient, because you have the information you need in front of you. And that makes us more profitable.”

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Mike Carden

Mike Carden

Mike Carden has been with RealGreen since 2010 and has served in a variety of roles. Mike has helped companies across all verticals in the Green Industry, with footprints varying from owner-operator to national franchise brands, utilize RealGreen products to manage and grow their businesses. Since 2020, Mike has been the Product Manager for Service Assistant, working to cement the vision and direction for Service Assistant.