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5 Ways Field Service Management Software Helps Retain Good Technicians

Field service technicians are the backbone of the service industry. They keep our homes and businesses running the way we need them to and looking the way we want them to.

Retaining good service technicians is extremely important for seamless and uninterrupted business operations, and knowing how to keep your technicians happy is good for your business. Whether you are in the pest control, lawn care, tree care, or landscaping business, one of the best ways to keep your technicians happy and working is through the implementation of field service management software.

How to Keep Good Service Techs

Field service management software for small businesses keeps you forward-thinking rather than bogged down in the day-to-day tasks. You can keep innovating, which helps ensure top-level service to your customers. Technicians appreciate being given the best possible tools by their organization — and they don’t want to spend critical time on tedious, time-consuming tasks that could easily be automated.

Optimal field service management software can take away those hassles and allow easy, intuitive management of day-to-day business operations, job estimates, onsite billing, efficient job routing, marketing campaigns, and more, leaving business owners to be able to focus on running their business and delivering satisfying customer experiences.

But knowing how to optimize the use of field service management software to retain your field service technicians goes deeper than that. Here are five ways field service management software will help you retain the best technicians.

1. Technicians Are Not Business Admins

This should be self-explanatory, but you might be surprised at how often companies expect their field techs to complete administrative tasks! It’s important to remember that field service technicians are just that: field service technicians. They are not office administrators. It’s important to make sure they can stay on task and not get bogged down with tedious administrative work — something that’s not good for them or for the business owner. Having streamlined field service management software will take the pressure off your technicians to keep all of this work organized while thinking about the job at hand, since payment processing, route planning, following up with leads, etc. are all facets of the workload that can be consolidated through software.

trained technician using field service management software on the job

2. Forward Thinking With Field Service Management Software

We all want to be proud of the work we do and the business we work for. Like anyone else,  technicians recognize that the service industry is getting younger, faster and more digital, and the best technicians will be drawn towards forward-thinking, tech-savvy companies. You don’t want to make a bad first impression by appearing behind-the-times. Being proactive and showing your technicians that their business is being taken care of and that their company is investing in the future will inspire loyalty and productivity. Seeing that their company is stuck in the past might inspire solid technicians to jump ship to your more forward-thinking competition. This is an investment in your future — one you do not want to skimp on.

3. Invest In Your Brand

In addition to inspiring employee pride and satisfaction, field service management software can also help boost your company’s brand image to the general public with built-in marketing and social listening functionality. Field service management software can be instrumental in growing your presence in your local market. The ability to generate digital marketing, print, mail, and social media campaigns increases your brand visibility. Additionally, you can generate reviews and referrals, important tools for strengthening your brand and public image, potentially helping you to move up in search engine results — and making your business easier to find.

4. Train Your Technicians

It’s definitely important to invest in the right software and technology. But if you make those digital investments and don’t make the physical and time investments to train your staff and technicians on how to properly use that technology none of it will matter. Giving your field service technicians the tools to succeed, but not giving them the guidance on how to do so is like throwing them into the deep end without teaching them how to swim. It’s a surefire path to frustration and resentment. It’s essential to provide your technicians with the proper training they need to be able to operate the software confidently and effectively. 

field service technician using field management software on the job

5. Streamline Communication

Open communication is key to running any successful business. This is even more true for green industry companies with multiple techs and crews out in the field at any given time. Technicians need to be in the loop, and field service management software keeps those lines of communication open. Techs can access their daily route, navigate to their job location and have their client’s profile instantly loaded, so all pertinent information is available at their fingertips upon arrival. Additionally, techs can help grow the business by upselling on the spot during service calls, with the ability to pull up price charts to provide instant estimates and apply discounts for new services or entire programs. At the same time, the right software lets you instantly see the locations of every truck in your fleet, change routes quickly and dispatch services to techs already out in the field.

Contact RealGreen for Field Management Software that will Help You Retain Good Technicians

The best field service management software makes it easy to access everything you need to seamlessly manage your business. From scheduling to client information to call log data to invoices and more, implementing the right solution will help you save time, energy, and most importantly, money.

RealGreen’s all-inclusive solution,  Service Assistant, will make it simple to manage your business, build and promote your brand, acquire customers, and foster continuing customer relationships. And, most importantly, it will help you retain the great field service technicians that make your business run.

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