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The most successful service companies make it easy for their customers to conduct business with them. Offering your customers 24-hour access to their accounts is a great way to show you value their business and time. With a Customer Assistant Website (CAW), your office is open all day, every day. Our CAW site has changed tremendously since we first started. From the look and feel of the website to new and updated services.

New additions to CAW include a digital signature to the Terms and Conditions, the ability to send emails when auto-pay fails, group services so the system doesn’t sell customers services they don’t need, the ability to let new customers estimate their lot size to get an estimated price, and so much more.

customer assistant websiteHowever, our CAW site remains a great way to promote your services, upsell, and gain new customers. In addition to offering multiple payment options, including autopay and prepayment incentives,. CAW can also be upgraded to provide a simple solution for handling referrals. Referrals remain the most reliable and consistent way to grow and increase sales. Your existing customers are your strongest business advocates, and referred customers are proven to be more loyal, improving retention rates.

“Ask anyone in the lawn care business, and they will tell you referrals are the lifeblood of their business. Good word-of-mouth is how most of these companies grow. Our referral program makes it easy and hassle-free to refer new business to our customers,” Michael Overbay, Web Solution Specialist at RealGreen, said.

When you add Referral Assistant to your Caw site, customers have a completely automated way to refer their friends to your business. When they log into your site, they will have access to their own referral dashboard, featuring multiple ways to reach out to their friends and neighbors online. They will then be able to track the progress of those referrals and the subsequent rewards. Overbay says neighbors have proven to be the most effective referrals.

“We have the ability to see which neighbors are using our service and have them ask those neighbors what they think of our services,” he said. You will have a fully automated referral program that integrates seamlessly with both your CAW site and Service Assistant software. We also make sure you have multiple ways to promote your referral program offline, with referral coupons integrated into forms, postcards, and other print materials.

Consistent communication strengthens your business relationship with customers and promotes a positive, professional image among prospects.

customer assistant website features“The CAW site not only allows for the convenience of paying online, but it also allows the customers to select services to purchase, allows our customers to offer them special discounts, and even offers their services that they need through condition codes,” Overbay said.

You will be on top of your game with timely, pointed communications. New customers or those ordering additional services will receive immediate confirmations. Send before and after service emails without ever lifting a finger. Win back canceled customers and keep your foot in the door with rejected estimate letters and emails. Your printed Automated Marketing Assistant letters will automatically mail each Tuesday and Thursday (except holidays) from RealGreen’s print facility in Walled Lake, Michigan. You only pay for the actual letters or emails sent.

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Mike Carden

Mike Carden

Mike Carden has been with RealGreen since 2010 and has served in a variety of roles. Mike has helped companies across all verticals in the Green Industry, with footprints varying from owner-operator to national franchise brands, utilize RealGreen products to manage and grow their businesses. Since 2020, Mike has been the Product Manager for Service Assistant, working to cement the vision and direction for Service Assistant.