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A short year and three months ago, Brandon Walsh, owner of Village Green Fertilizing and Weed Control joined the RealGreen family. Coming to us with an outdated software system, hours of unnecessary time spent on operational tasks, and a little under a thousand customers, Brandon was ready to make a move. Check out the video below, or read on to learn more about how Brandon’s business changed once he made the decision to go with RealGreen’s lawn care software.

Getting the Whole Team on Board

One of the biggest challenges many of our potential software users face is getting the whole team of employees on board with the idea of adjusting workflow to accommodate a software system. To some, making a change like this can be intimidating, because it might require some initial work up front to get spun up on the system. Others fear that their job might be replaced by technology. By reassuring your employees that they will simply be working more efficiently, you can put many of those concerns to rest. Sure, it will require some added work up front, but with customized demos and a dedicated support team, everyone will be up to speed in no time!

Simplifying Operations to Increase Revenue

Like many lawn care companies, Village Green did everything by hand – from invoicing to routing, the team was shoulder deep in a backlog of tasks. To make matters more difficult, they still had to drive out to the job site to provide estimates. Best case scenario, the customer was willing to wait for the delay in pricing information. If the deal fell through, Brandon had to cover the cost of his employee’s time plus the gas and mileage used to get him to the job site. Needless to say, operational to-dos were stacking up, and sales were suffering.

Today, with the help of RealGreen’s lawn care software solutions, Brandon and his team are able to accomplish the following, all with the click of a few buttons:

  • Provide accurate, timely estimates using Measurement Assistant®. This allows his customer service representatives to speed up the sales process without ever having to leave their desks.
  • Push upsell and cross-sell offers to existing customers, and enable customers to sign up for autopay using the Customer Assistant® Website portal (CAW).
  • Add notes to a customer’s account from anywhere on any device using Mobile Live®. Brandon reports that this feature has saved his employees hours post-service and allows him to re-route techs in the field or schedule same-day service.
  • View high-level information and detailed reports through his Service Assistant® dashboard. Brandon prefers to look at his YTD revenue, sales by marketing source, and cancellation numbers on a daily basis.

With the help of RealGreen, Brandon and the Village Green team have nearly doubled their business over a course of a year while operating with the same number of employees. The team was also able to surpass customer expectations by completing Round One a month earlier than the previous year. The best part? Brandon and the rest of the team have access to a pool of industry operators from various markets. This allows them to candidly communicate without the fear of losing trade secrets to a competitor.

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Kelly Mozena

Kelly Mozena

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