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ServiceBot phone purchaseWhen it comes to making sales, you can’t afford to have any downtime. Customers want what they want when they want it, and if you can’t connect when they are ready, they’ll look somewhere else. What you need is a salesperson who works around the clock, never gets sick and never takes a vacation.

What you need is a ServiceBot. ServiceBot helps you capture leads you might otherwise lose by meeting customers where they are and guiding them from inquiry to estimation all the way through payment. It ensures a quick response to inbound leads, makes sure there’s a standard set of probing questions for each prospect, records information for every lead, sends an instant proposal, and makes it easy for customers to buy and pay instantly.

ServiceBot works via an AI-enabled chatbot that lives on your company’s website.


“I anticipated [RealGreen] saving three hours a day,” says Jason Erickson, general manager of Mike’s Lawn Service. Switching to all-in-one, totally integrated RealGreen software has made things even easier than he anticipated.

The AI chatbot is fully branded to your business; customers don’t see ServiceBot, they see you. ServiceBot uses your logo, your photos, your service categories, and your pricing tables. And your ServiceBot is always ready to go to work — your company can respond to leads 24/7/365.

Here’s how it happens:

  • When a customer clicks on your ServiceBot, it guides them through the quote and sales process with a brief, text-based chat.
  • It starts by asking them questions about their property and what they’re looking for — and can even tackle common sales objections.
  • Then customers are able to use our technology to quickly, easily, and accurately measure their own property; they are presented with a satellite view and can outline and color it in with their finger or mouse.
  • ServiceBot then uses this measurement to instantly create price quotes and packages based on your price list.
  • The customer can then choose the service they want and pay right away, safely and securely.
  • Even if customers don’t close the deal right then, ServiceBot saves the lead for you to follow up on.
  • You’ll see all of your digital sales activity clearly on the ServiceBot dashboard, which updates in real-time so you can easily keep track of your sales pipeline.


ServiceBot ScreenPlus, unlike other companies that act as the middleman between field service companies and their clients — you subscribe to their service, but they own the customer relationship — with ServiceBot, you own your customer relationships. You own your own custom-branded technology platform, set your own prices, and own all of the leads and customer relationships 100%.

ServiceBot’s integration with RealGreen’s Service Assistant 5 (SA5) makes everything even easier. When a lead visits your website and engages with your ServiceBot, all of the information they share is captured and funneled into SA5. Their initial contact information, property details, accurate measurements, estimates and quotes, and payment information. It’s all there with no need for manual input.

Partnering with ServiceBot might just be the smartest hire you ever make. Talk to one of our product experts today to see how you can start closing sales around the clock!

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Shayla Spradley

Shayla Spradley

Shayla started at WorkWave in the marketing department in August 2022. As Senior Product Marketing Manager for RealGreen by WorkWave, Shayla spends her days researching the lawn and landscape industry, strategizing go-to-market efforts, and building relationships with customers to better serve and communicate.