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Top 5 Reasons Service Assistant 5 is the Green Industry’s Best CRM Software

We could tell you all day long why our software is the best in the green industry.

  • We have our roots in lawn care, so we understand your business needs in ways that other companies can only pretend to.
  • We’ve been continually improving, expanding, and refining our solutions since 1984, and we’ll never stop doing that.
  • We keep our customers at the center of everything we do.

We could keep going, but we’d rather let our customers tell you themselves. After all, they’re the ones who have trusted us to help them run and grow their businesses.

Here’s a look at what our customers say are the top five reasons Service Assistant 5 is the green industry’s best software:

1. Integration

When you have one platform that can do it all, seamlessly and effectively, you have a serious timesaver on your hands: that’s Service Assistant 5. SA5 helps you with customer management, marketing, routing, estimating, payments, and more. “It used to be, you’d have one company who managed your payments, then routing was over here, then your software was over here,” says Chip Soltesz, President of Dyna-Green, adding that he also appreciates that since SA5 is cloud-based, he can work from anywhere at any time. That kind of total functionality coupled with complete flexibility is how SA5 helps businesses create time- and cost savings across the board.

2. Efficiency

When you’re running a business, your bottom line is THE bottom line. So the more you can do in the least amount of time with the least amount of staff is crucial – especially in today’s tough hiring market. According to Brad Woods, President of American Turf & Tree Care, “I would say we definitely have saved staff with SA5, at least one person, maybe two.” He notes that using SA5 has made his company’s operations run smoother in a way that has transformed how he runs his business. “It’s a game-changer. It really simplifies how many processes and things like that you have to do day to day – there’s numerous ways where it’s a timesaver and it saves money.”

3. Ease of Use

An all-in-one software that does so many things MUST be confusing and complex to use with a steep learning curve, right? Not when it comes to SA5. Lee Hill of Evergreen Lawn Care switched to RealGreen after using a competitor’s software that he said was “just so clunky and difficult to use,” with routing and billing being particular pain points. He originally started with Service Assistant 4, which he found “helpful,” but making the upgrade to SA5 really changed things. “When we got SA5 – that was a game-changer. Totally. It made all the difference in the world for us. If you have someone like me that’s not really tech-savvy and likes things to be easy and right in front of them, SA5 is, in my opinion, the only way to go.”

4. Solves Business Pain Points

Running a business means keeping on top of a lot of details. When you don’t have everything centralized, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, misplace documents or take too long to respond to customer inquiries. That’s what led Alec McClennan to SA5. “I was looking for a software because a lot of things were falling through the cracks. Maybe I wasn’t calling people back as quickly as I wanted to, or there were a lot of notepads in a lot of different places,” he says. “The software absolutely makes running a business possible. I’m not sure how you do it without it.”

5. Growth, Growth, Growth

The right software is your partner in growth, making it easier for you to manage your operation as it scales. “SA5 has revolutionized my business,” says Cody Saunders. “I started with nothing – with an old truck and 60 customers. Today I have more than 1,600 customers and seven trucks. And RealGreen was a huge part of that. Once you start to get a little bit bigger, when you start to get to 100, 200 and 300 accounts, you have to be able to organize that chaos. RealGreen does that perfectly.”

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Kelly Mozena

Kelly Mozena

Senior Content Strategist Kelly Mozena has spent more than two decades helping companies connect to consumers, including some of the largest and best-known brands in the United States. She draws from a diverse portfolio of industry experience to help WorkWave’s clients achieve their real-world business goals.