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What to Look for in a Field Service Management Software

What does it take for a field service business to achieve success? There’s no single answer to that all-important question. Landing sales, scaling growth, and achieving profitability are all obviously essential, but effective customer communication, an excellent local reputation, and a solid marketing plan are also crucial. The right software helps businesses with all of these things.

The field service management software you select must work for the needs of your business, and there’s quite a bit to consider.

First, consider the basic functionality of the software. Will it actually do what you want it to? Does it work on the systems you need it to? Is it intuitive and user-friendly? Can you and your staff access it whenever and wherever you need to? All of the bells and whistles in the world won’t matter if the software lacks the essential functions your business will benefit from. Your software needs the end-to-end functionality that will make your business more efficient. 

Another important consideration is security. Will it keep your data and your customers’ data safe? What systems are in place to ensure that safety? Who is responsible if your data gets compromised? This is especially important when it comes to your customers’ payment information!

Something else to think about is whether the software supports the types of integrations you’re looking for, how effectively and seamlessly it manages those integrations, and whether it will be able to support additional integrations as your business grows.

Finally, and this is a crucial consideration: Industry-specific experience and expertise. You don’t want a one-size-fits-all software that you have to bend to fit your business. You want software that’s created, designed and supported by people who understand your business, understand how your business works and understand the challenges you’re working with.

That’s where RealGreen comes in.

Our software is the best in the lawn care industry because it was created specifically for the lawn care industry. We have our roots in field service management, and our solutions work the way you need them to because we understand the way you need to work.

Wondering why RealGreen is your best bet when it comes to the software you need to help run your business? Here are 10 reasons why our solutions are your best choice.

1. Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Service Assistant, RealGreen’s flagship field service industry business software solution, streamlines your company’s day-to-day operations and marketing activities. It makes your entire company more efficient by automating day-to-day activities and marketing campaigns, and it makes your whole crew more effective by helping them provide the excellent service your customers need and expect. 

With Service Assistant and solutions like Mobile Live, Measurement Assistant, Routing Assistant, Customer Assistant Websites, Automated Marketing Assistant, RealGreen Payment Processing and more, RealGreen field service business management software can help you and your team work better, faster, and smarter. All things that will help your business grow.

2. Stronger Communication Across Teams

Rather than having to dig through phone trails and various communication channels, Service Assistant 5 simplifies communication between all of your teams. Actively monitor field activity in real-time, with truck tracking, route optimization, and more, so that you can make on-the-spot informed decisions when necessary. Technicians can also enter production, access work orders, adjust customer accounts and deliver payment information to accounting, all while in the field.

3. Field Service Management Software That Evolves With Your Business

As your business grows, RealGreen’ field service management software solutions will grow with you. For example, with Measurement Assistant, you can create accurate estimates from wherever you happen to be — eliminating time-consuming activities such as driving to properties, taking measurements and making manual estimates. All of this can be handled digitally from any location, at any time, in any weather. You’ll save valuable time and money while gaining more customers, faster.

Field service management software can also help evolve and simplify marketing practices. Automated Marketing Assistant makes it easy to send automated emails to prospective, current, and former customers, as well as personalized customer communications sent via triggers from back-office and sales teams.

4. Easy Scheduling and Billing

Field service management software also helps you centralize one of the biggest headaches of running a lawn care business: Scheduling. Whether it’s your technicians scheduling follow-ups while in the field or customers scheduling themselves online, RealGreen field service management software streamlines the process — no more manual scheduling, piles of paperwork, phone calls or coordinating between different programs.

scheduling assistant
real green payment processing

With RealGreen Payment Processing, billing becomes just as easy as scheduling. This all-in-one payment processing solution is totally secure and PCI-compliant. Customers can pay-as-they-go or set up automatic payments. Past due client accounts receive notifications that encourage prompt payment. More timely payments mean fewer accounts on credit hold, less time spent trying to resolve customer accounts and more cash on hand for your business.

5. Enhance The Customer Experience

Convenience is at the top of most customer priority lists. Your customers want to be able to manage their own account, pay their bill online, request and change services and more — on their own schedule and without having to pick up the phone. A Customer Assistant Website makes all of this possible. Your customers will appreciate the ease of working with your company, and you will benefit from their positive experiences. Even smarter? Adding a referral program to make it simple for your loyal customers to send potential leads your way.

6. Mobile-Friendly For All

Having a mobile-friendly solution for your field service management software is essential for any lawn care business. With Mobile Live, you can run your business from anywhere, on any web-enabled device. Increase productivity and efficiency with features including dynamic route updating, real-time vehicle tracking and time clock. Mobile Live lets your techs rate properties and track problem areas, monitor weather conditions and wind speed, document inventory, customize job notes, use Google voice-to-text feature and more. Provide valuable customer feedback to keep them satisfied and develop brand loyalty.

trained technician using field service management software on the job

7. Organize Teams and Service Groups

In many field service companies, technicians do not operate in a “one size fits all” capacity. The best field service management software will allow management to create a well-defined chain of command, sorting technicians into defined groups and roles — increasing operational efficiency and making employee management that much easier.

8. Complete Customer Profiles

Whether employees are in the field with the customer themselves, en route to a job, or back at the office, the best field service management software allows your entire team to quickly access customer information from anywhere. Top field management software will present a complete customer profile, including customer life cycle, notes from previous services, call logs, and even the weather and land conditions of their property.

the best route planning software

9. Fleet and Crew Tracking

Field service management software should also make it easier to schedule and keep track of your fleet. Easy to use and interactive, Routing Assistant integrates with Service Assistant for fast, efficient route optimization. Routing Assistant features a visual route designer, geocoding to convert addresses into map coordinates, drag-and-drop route planning and printable satellite maps and directions for maximum effectiveness. Increase production by adding more stops per day, reduce fuel costs through shorter routes and improve “new driver” productivity.

10. Adopting Integrations and APIs

Finally, the best field management software should be able to integrate with your current CRM, APIs, billing software and other services, so that you, your employees and your customers only have to interact with one system. RealGreen supports integration with our many partners, including Captivated business texting, Waypoint soil testing services, Linxup GPS tracking, Voice for Pest and Voice for Turf, Lawnbot, Coalmarch Digital Marketing and more.


Effective field service management software makes it easy to access everything you need to seamlessly manage your business. From scheduling and client information to marketing and billing, putting your field service business software to work for you will help you save time, energy, and most importantly, money.

RealGreen is the industry leader in field service management software solutions. Our flagship solution, Service Assistant, gives you everything you need to manage your business, build and promote your brand, gain new customers and nurture customer relationships. 

Schedule a free demo today to find out more about how we can help your business thrive! 

Schedule a free demo today to see how RealGreen
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Chris Brasher

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