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When it comes to your lawn business, you have a lot of moving parts to manage, especially in today’s volatile environment. You need tosa5 with phone do everything you can to streamline wherever you can. So if you’re still using a grab bag of software and even pen-and-paper for routingbilling, scheduling, invoices, marketing, and sales, you are just making things harder for yourself.

An integrated, all-in-one solution is a great choice for any lawn care business; it will help maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and create a better employee and customer experience. When everything works together, everything works better.

Save Time

“I anticipated [RealGreen] saving three hours a day,” says Jason Erickson, general manager of Mike’s Lawn Service. Switching to all-in-one, totally integrated RealGreen software has made things even easier than he anticipated.

“It’s going to save us around five hours a day, between routing and invoicing. With RealGreen, our operations manager can create all of our routes and print out all of our invoices in under an hour. Our office team now has all of those hours freed up for customer service and follow-up.”

Erickson credits RealGreen with helping Mike’s Lawn Service scale in an effective way. While the company had experienced success, it had also reached a plateau with its previous way of working: “I didn’t want to minimize the success my company had with the program that was in place, but the reality was that program had hit the ceiling. When I saw RealGreen, I recognized it was an end-to-end on all the things I need to do to run the business. It’s going to allow us to go to the next level. So we can either maintain what we’re doing in a far less stressful office environment, or we can decide to grow where, before, there was no path to growth.”

Better Routing

One clear example of how RealGreen’s integrated features have helped Mike’s Lawn Service grow: is routing. RealGreen has enabled Mike’s Lawnrouting Service to expand its service into nearby areas, a task that would have been far too daunting before.

“There are more than 20 towns around us – there are days when our crews will be in three or four different towns. In the past, we’d have actual maps of each town spread out, trying to figure out the best route. It was an almost impossible task.”

Integrated System

Grassroots Turf owner Josh Wise says RealGreen shows its value every day. 

“It makes it nice that everything’s in one dashboard and one software system instead of having to go through different ones – we’ve done that in the past and it hasn’t been fun. With all the systems talking together, our CSRs can work more effectively. When they’re in the system, they can see what’s happening on each customer’s account. Everything’s right there – history of emails that have gone out, comparing things year over year.”

He continues, “Having RealGreen as our CRM helps me manage the day-to-day operations of the business and make sure we are scheduling on time, we’re taking care of our customers, we’re billing them as we say, we’re collecting our money on time. The integration is amazing.”

Invoicing and Payments

When Bob Brower joined Lawn Plus as general manager in 2011, the company was mainly using RealGreen for invoicing and payments.

 “You can just use RealGreen to help you print invoices and take money. But when you start using it to its full potential – adding routing, say – now you’re becoming more efficient and effective. You can be efficient but not effective; we want to be both.” 

Brower saw untapped potential in the software and started encouraging team members to learn more and utilize more of the features. “That’s when we really started taking off as a company,” he says.crm screen

Brower credits RealGreen with the ongoing success and growth of Lawn Plus, noting that the company grew from four employees in 2011 to 50 in 2022. “It’s thanks to RealGreen and using this tool to its full capacity that this was able to happen. RealGreen is worth its weight in gold. I can’t imagine life without it as far as running a business, because it makes my job a whole lot easier.”

Put RealGreen to work for you. Schedule a free demo today to see how our all-in-one software solution can help your business and make your life easier, too.

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Kelly Mozena

Kelly Mozena

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