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To the average homeowner, “lawn care” and “lawn maintenance” are pretty much the same thing. But green industry professionals know better. Lawn care encompasses all the things necessary to keep a yard and lawn healthy: fertilization, aeration, seeding, weed control, and even irrigation systems. Lawn maintenance, on the other hand, is focused on the routine tasks that keep your lawn looking good: mowing, edging, leaf removal, and seasonal cleanups. Lawn care and lawn maintenance work together, but they’re not interchangeable. And they each have their own unique requirements when it comes to your business—requirements that your business software should be able to handle with ease.

When it comes to managing and growing your lawn maintenance business, RealGreen’s Service Assistant has the tools you need. We make it easy to automate and streamline day-to-day tasks along every part of the service journey—from estimating to scheduling to billing. Here’s a look at the top five ways Service Assistant can help your lawn maintenance business:

1. Setup Your Lawn Maintenance Crew

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Managing lawn maintenance crews can be a logistical nightmare when you’re trying to manually determine everything from wages, routing and production to crew makeup and markups per labor hour. With Service Assistant, you can set everything up in the system and specify which employees will be part of the crew, define production percentages, assign specific crews to specific routes, and establish wages and markups. Configuring markups ensures that every labor hour recoups a percentage for overhead and layers in profit margin; these markups can then be used in the pricing calculator when you’re doing estimates.

2. Lawn Maintenance Scheduling

The nature of lawn maintenance makes scheduling critical. Service Assistant makes it easy to build the right scheduling frequency for recurring services like mowing, edging and leaf removal. You can ensure that your crews aren’t visiting too frequently (or not frequently enough) by outlining maximum occurrences, acceptable days and minimum days between services.

3. Property Inventory

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Storing the attributes of each property you service will not only guarantee that you send the right crews to the right place with the right equipment, but it will guarantee that you’re calculating the correct pricing per visit. With our property inventory function, you can configure turf, bed edges, driveways/parking lots/sidewalks, irrigation zones and more.

4. Pricing/Labor Hour Calculator

Manual pricing off a simple chart might work for a bunch of identical properties, but we live in the real world. Every  property is unique and has unique needs that can require different crews, equipment and time spent on site. Our calculator lets you configure all of the above for every type of property.

5. Site Maps With Measurement Assistant

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With Measurement Assistant, you can quickly measure a property, create an estimate, and generate a quote right from your device, without having to visit the property in person — at any time, from any location, in any weather. In addition to being a great sales and marketing tool, you can use Measurement Assistant to quickly create site maps for property inventory.


This is just the beginning of what Service Assistant can do for your lawn maintenance business. Schedule a free demo today to find out more and see how RealGreen can help you achieve real success!

Schedule a free demo today to see how RealGreen
can help you grow your lawn care business!

Elizabeth Hlavaty

Elizabeth Hlavaty

Elizabeth Hlavaty has been in the lawn industry since 1997, starting in a local lawn care company in Cincinnati. She recieved her applicators’ license for general turf and fumigation just to understand the business more and be able to assist customers with any questions or issues they might have. In 2007 Elizabeth joined RealGreen, doing tech support and traveling to setup new clients. She is currently the Product Owner for Service Assistant 5, helping to create content for the development teams while supporting documentation for new features and significant updates.