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If you’re a business owner in the tree care business, you know that marketing is the key to your success. Competing against more prominent tree service companies can be challenging, but with the right marketing strategies, you can generate more tree service leads to grow your business.

This article will discuss nine of the best tree service marketing ideas to help you get more customers.

1. Plan Your Tree Service Marketing Strategy

Before launching a marketing plan, tree service businesses need to consider their goals and objectives. A comprehensive understanding of how the tree service industry operates in your market will help you identify opportunities and determine what strategies work best. It’s also important to research potential new customers to find out the best ways of reaching out to them. Finally, generating leads is obviously essential to your success, but just as essential is knowing where those leads come from and how to follow up with them to convert them into new customers. With a carefully planned marketing strategy, tree service businesses can grow their customer base and increase productivity.

Define Your Marketing Goals

Start by setting marketing goals – this will help you focus your efforts, identify the resources you’ll need to reach your goals and measure progress toward achieving them. It’s important to consider specific objectives that are realistic and achievable within a certain timeframe. You should also make sure that these objectives align with your overall business objectives.

Examples of specific marketing goals include increasing website traffic, building an email list, adding a certain number of new customers, boosting revenue from existing customers, improving brand visibility, or launching a new service. By setting specific, measurable goals and tracking your progress in meeting them, you can use data to inform your decisions and optimize your strategy over time.

Understand Your Target Customer and Create a Buyer Persona

Understanding your target customer and creating a buyer persona are two key steps to take when planning for any business. A buyer persona is essentially an imaginary person that you create by gathering data on your customer base to better understand their needs and wants. As an example, you might find that the ideal customer for your tree care business is a middle-aged homeowner who lives in an established suburb that has older-growth trees. By crafting a buyer persona for this customer, you can better define what they’re looking for when it comes to tree care services. This will help you create content and marketing campaigns that are tailored to their interests, making it easier to reach them and make sales.

Identify Your Competitors

Competitor research is important when putting your marketing plan together. Knowing what strategies they’re using, what their product offerings are, how their pricing structures work, and how they’re positioning themselves in the market can give you valuable insight into what tactics you should use to maximize success in your own business. Taking the time to identify and analyze your competitors will be time well spent.

Define Your KPIs for Success

When it comes to running a successful tree care business, knowing what success looks like is key. This means defining your KPIs (key performance indicators) so you can track and measure your progress. Some examples of potential KPIs would include the number of customers acquired over a certain period of time, customer satisfaction ratings, total profits generated, average job completion time, etc. Keeping an eye on these KPIs can help you stay on track toward achieving your business goals. It’s also a good idea to review your KPIs on a regular basis to make sure they are still relevant and help you stay focused on the right objectives. With effective KPI tracking, you can ensure your tree care business is successful in the long term.

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2. Leverage Social Media Marketing on Facebook

One fantastic tree service marketing strategy is to create a social media presence with a Facebook Business Page.

With over two billion active users on Facebook, this is an excellent platform to reach new customers. You can use Facebook to post photos and videos of your work, share informative blog posts, run ads, and much more. Ensure you are consistent with your posting and engaging with your audience to build relationships and trust.

One of the best strategies is creating a Facebook Group for your business. This is a great way to connect with potential and current customers and other tree service professionals.

You can use the group to answer questions, give advice, and promote your business to generate more customers.

Social media marketing is critical for all tree care companies looking to increase their marketing tactics.

3. Create and Optimize A Google Business Profile

Having a fully optimized Google Business Profile (formerly “Google My Business”) is extremely important to your tree care business. The GBP is essentially a mini-website for your business on Google. It includes information like your business name, contact information, address, phone number, services offered, and customer reviews. An effective GBP will make your business look more reputable in the eyes of searchers, which will increase the number of visitors to your website. Make sure all of your information is correct and legally accurate, and that your business listing is for an actual, single physical address – no home addresses, PO boxes, or virtual addresses.

4. Get Online Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best marketing strategies for any business, especially in the tree service industry.

Potential customers searching for a tree service company will likely read reviews before deciding. The best way to do this is to ask happy customers to leave a review on your Google My Business listing or social media profile. You can also offer incentives for leaving a review, such as a discount on their next service.

Ensure you stay consistent with your follow-up to get the most reviews possible.

5. Create a High Converting Tree Service Website

Websites are a great way to market your tree service business as they allow you to reach a wider audience. Your website is like your online storefront and can be used to promote your services, showcase your work, and much more. The best websites are easy to navigate, have informative content, and are designed with the user in mind. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so potential customers can easily view it on their smartphones or tablets. You should also ensure that your website has lead capture forms to collect information from potential customers.

If you are looking for a great company to assist you with your website, consider a company like Coal March.

Tip: Optimize Your Website for Organic Search with SEO

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find you – and that means showing up in search engine results. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website content in order to increase visibility and rank higher in search results. Your tree service business can drastically improve your digital presence and draw in more customers with an effective SEO strategy. Optimizing your website requires consistent effort and dedication – you’ll need to create content that accurately reflects your services while adhering to SEO best practices including using relevant keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and headline tags, while still ensuring that the content you provide is relevant and high quality.

6. Establish a Referral Program To Generate Tree Service Leads

Referral programs are an excellent way to grow your tree service business quickly and organically by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

With this program, you offer incentives for previous customers to refer your business to their friends and family. You can offer discounts, free services, or cash rewards for each referral. Just make sure that you create a system so that you can easily track referrals and avoid any fraud.

An example of a great referral program is providing a free or discounted tree service appointment for every five referrals. This can provide an excellent incentive for customers to promote your business, generating qualified leads.

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7. Use Email Marketing Strategies

Using email marketing is the final strategy that we will discuss today for your tree service business! While email marketing can sometimes get a bad rap, it’s still one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Email marketing lets you stay in touch with your customers, promote new services, and much more. 

The best way to use email marketing is to send out monthly newsletters that contain valuable information about your business. Ensure that you include some offers or discounts to encourage potential customers to use your services. Many excellent email marketing software options, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, are available. Both of these platforms offer a free trial so that you can test out their features before committing to a paid plan. Email marketing is an excellent way to grow your tree service business, so make sure that you take advantage of it!

8. Use Traditional Advertising Strategies

While online marketing is essential, you shouldn’t forget traditional advertising strategies. Since tree marking services are often very localized, making your company name, logo, and phone number visible in your local community is essential.

Here are some of the best places where you can advertise your tree service business with custom printing:

  • Local radio station
  • Billboards
  • Local print publications
  • Lawn signs
  • Vehicle wraps on tree service trucks
  • Promotional mail

If you are looking for the best all-in-one place to learn how you can access these marketing channels, check out what Coalmarch can do for you.

9. Use Tree Care Business Software

Tree care business software can drastically help you to improve your marketing efforts and business efficiency.

This type of software can automate many tasks needed to run a successful tree service business, such as scheduling appointments, sending invoices, managing customers, and much more. In addition, it can help manage and track core business practices, such as marketing and customer acquisition.

Many types of tree care business software are available on the market, such as RealGreen.

RealGreen can provide your business with many features all in one place, such as a CRM, an online booking form, invoices, payments, and much more. These items can significantly help your business generate more service calls.

Tree Service Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It is also important to note that there are some tree service marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

The first mistake is failing to target your ideal customer. When you market your business, you must ensure that you speak to the right people. For example, if you are a tree service specializing in organic methods, you should target customers who care about the environment. Failing to target your ideal customer can result in wasted marketing efforts and money.

Another mistake that tree service businesses make is not having a strong online presence. As we discussed earlier, potential customers are searching for businesses online, so it’s essential to ensure they can easily find yours. You can create a website, blog, or social media profile for your business. Ensure that you include relevant keywords so potential customers can easily find you.

Linking people together

Finally, the third mistake to avoid is not following up with potential customers. When you get a lead, it’s essential to follow up within 24-48 hours. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that the customer will forget about your business and choose someone else. Following up shows that you are interested in doing business with the customer and value their time.


Running a tree service business is no easy task! With increasing competition, you need a way to stand out. The best way to do this is by using marketing strategies to promote your business and help you attract new tree service leads. We hope you found this article helpful and will use some of these marketing ideas for your tree service business. If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, schedule a demo with RealGreen today!

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